Controversial: Chris Eubank Senior Stands By Nick Blackwell Comments

Chris Eubank senior recently came in for some heated flack in various quarters after comments he made pertaining to previously injured boxer Nick Blackwell.

Blackwell in a fight with Eubank’s son a couple of years back suffered a bleed on the brain and slipped into a coma.

Thankfully he recovered but is unfortunately unable to ever box again.

Eubank senior spoke recently of how he hopes the referee will protect George Groves this weekend from a similar fate that Blackwell suffered.

This drew considerable backlash.

Speaking to Behind The Gloves Eubank senior said he does not regret the comments at all:

“I want to highlight Nick Blackwell’s name. I want to highlight Michael Watson’s name. Because they’ve gone through what they’ve gone through, many fighters are safer. Many fighters today who would be I suppose incapacitated in one form or another, are not because of all the safe guards put in place. Because of all this controversy that’s been garnered with the help of Tyson Fury who I thank for his participation, the referee is now forced to be alert. Certainly what happened in the Nick Blackwell fight. The fight went on longer than it should have. I’m sure now the referees will be forced to be on guard. I must have that way of being about me. I am a sensitive soul. I do care about these fighters. I care about them as far as I’m concerned a lot more than anyone who has not been in there would. So I feel them. I want to protect them and I’m not ashamed of bringing up their names.”

Hopefully no one is injured after this weekend’s bout. I think every boxing fan would agree on that.

For the full interview with Eubank senior check it out here on Behind The Gloves YouTube (hat tip):

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