Mayweather Uncle Reacts Passionately To Roy Jones Comments About Floyd

Roy Jones Jr and Floyd Mayweather were at odds recently before the final fight of Roy Jones’ career when the boxing legend made a snub remark about Mayweather’s career.

The two boxed at entirely different weight classes of course and operated in their primes during different eras in boxing history.

Many believe that before Mayweather became pound for pound number one that the mythical position was held before Jones just before him.

Jones was quoted as saying before the final fight of his career about Mayweather:

“If you put my highlights next to his (Mayweather’s) there is no comparison.”

Uncle of Floyd, Jeff Mayweather while speaking to has responded passionately to the comments about his nephew from Jones Jr:

“You (Roy Jones) got knocked out twice. Put those highlights against Floyd. Floyd never got beat. So once you put your highlights against Floyd in every highlight, his hand is raised and at least two of your highlights in your prime – you’re going to be sleeping. Floyd’s not. So that right there, it doesn’t matter about some little clips that you pick to be shown. When the reality is this – Floyd never lost. And he certainly never lost in his prime. In his prime Floyd was just as dominant as Roy was, if not more. So yeah you’ve got your highlights that’s great. But put that highlight up of Antonio Tarver (KO loss). Put that highlight up of Glen Johnson (KO loss). And then talk about it and then show a highlight of Floyd getting the same thing done to him. All that comparison bull**** don’t mean anything.”

He added:

“Roy tainted his legacy so bad it’s almost like the young kids that came up (after him) didn’t really know of what Roy Jones was – are never going to know (now).”

Although an argument can be made that Jones damaged his legacy with boxing on too long, there is no doubt that he’s still a legend of the sport and a future Hall of Famer.

Moreover, he’s only one of two fighters in history to win the middleweight and heavyweight title.

That can never be taken away from him.

For the full interview on Fight Hype YouTube (hat tip) check it out here:

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