Adrien Broner Allegedly Arrested For Unusual Reason

The talented boxer is back in the headlines again today for not positive reasons after footage emerged of him getting escorted out of a mall in Atlanta in handcuffs.

Broner, a tremendous fighter with an incredible skill set on his day, appears to be putting his boxing career in serious risk after the latest incident outside of the ring.

TMZ have reported that Broner has allegedly been arrested for sexually assaulting a woman at a shopping mall.

Broner had been training hard ahead of a fight that is expected to take place in a couple of months time against Omar Figueroa Jr.

It is alleged that the lady in question claimed Broner groped her before an argument broke out.

The following footage shows Broner then being escorted in handcuffs of the property:

According to TMZ, Broner denied any wrong doing but not long after was taken away and charged with misdemeanor sexual battery and is thought to be currently in Fulton County Jail.

This news follows further issues that Broner had last year outside of the ring when footage appeared that showed Broner punching a man in Las Vegas, near the Las Vegas strip.

It appears to be one thing after another with Broner.

Lets hope he can finally resolve these issues given the serious talent he possesses as a prizefighter.

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