Chamberlain Makes Humbling Admission About Okolie Loss

Issac Chamberlain lost to Lawrence Okolie recently in a fight at the 02 Arena in London and today has given his fans a proper update since the bout – in brutally honest fashion too.

Honesty is a trait perhaps admired anywhere in the world. It takes balls and shows the true insight of someone’s character.

No matter who they are or where they’re from.

Boxers are perhaps some of the most honest people of them all, overall.

Certainly when it comes to professional fighters who have to sacrifice more than the average human being would ever understand.

When they lose a big fight they’ve been training for months on end it can be absolutely devastating to their emotional and mental well-being consequently.

That’s why when you see genuine admissions like this from Issac Chamberlain today – you’re respect for these special athletes can only grow:

Fair play.

In the grand scheme of things he’s still a young fighter who will only learn from that defeat and by the looks of things, he already has.

Although the bout was criticised afterwards the reality was that it was a match up between two undefeated prospects at the end of the day.

Something that should be applauded more than anything.