Groves Thinks Eubank Jr Has Made One Crucial Mistake

George Groves is convinced Chris Eubank Jr has made a grave error in an element of his preparation ahead of Saturday’s super-middleweight world title showdown.

The bout is now only four days away at the Manchester Arena between two of Britain’s best super-middleweights at the moment (excluding the likes of James DeGale and Callum Smith of course).

The two fighters are chomping at the bit and like elite level race horses, are primed and rearing to go ahead of what is expected to be a wonderful night’s boxing.

A lot has been made over the years of how Eubank Jr likes to do things his own way and even though he shares the same trainer as his legendary father did, Ronnie Davies – some have questioned how much of a role Mr. Davies has in the camp.

Indeed, it’s something that Groves points to as a major downfall in Eubank Jr.

Speaking ahead of Saturday’s fight Groves said of his foe’s approach:

 “He is that ignorant he thinks he can do it himself. The corner men give me water – I do the rest. I train myself. I know what I’m doing (is his mentality).”

He went on to say:

“It doesn’t work. The greatest fighters in the world have a great team or trainer around them just to nudge them in the right direction. The dad (Eubank senior) is supposed to be that, but it’s the blind leading the blind. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. Especially the dad. He’s lost his grip on reality.”

Eubank Jr did also use renowned trainer Adam Booth temporarily in the past for his fight against Ireland’s Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan.

That working relationship came to an end however for undisclosed reasons.

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