Shannon Briggs Critiques Deontay Wilder Technique

‘Lets Go Champ’ Shannon Briggs is on the hunt for his next opponent and in a break from his verbal onslaught of overseas rivals in the UK, he’s narrowed his focus this week back on a fellow American fight – WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder.

Wilder’s punching power is undeniable.

A ferocious man who fights with his heart on his sleeve, clearly.

I’ve always found it a little surprising he doesn’t have a bigger fan base given his wild, exciting fight-style as a heavyweight where he genuinely tries to take people out clean.

Every time.

However his critics have pointed to the lack of technique in these wild assaults that some have given him the nickname ‘Windmill’ for.

Perhaps a little unfairly to be fair.

Indeed, Anthony Joshua believes Wilder’s technique will be his downfall when the two eventually meet.

Shannon Briggs isn’t impressed by it either.

In response to this video from Wilder on the pads with his coach, Briggs said:

“All I see is me punching in between all that and a touchdown.”

While Shannon is in the final stretch of his career at this point there is no denying that the power is still there as a heavyweight.

The man can hit and if he lands, has a chance with anyone in the heavyweight division. As does anyone who is a top-25 rated heavyweight.

At the end of the day it only takes one punch between guys hitting that hard to not only change the course of a fight, but to end it with one shot.