We are now well and truly upon the final leg of the countdown to Chris Eubank Jr vs George Groves and as expected, the mind games from Eubank Jr are now coming into full effect.

Groves is no stranger to mind games himself of course.

An intelligent, experienced man who has been in more top-level professional contests and events than his counterpart from Brighton to date, to be fair.

This added experience, natural size and power advantage, and counter punching ability, in the eyes of some give him a perceived advantage ahead of next week.

He’s also the defending (WBA) going into the fight too, which some are forgetting about. He’s not going to give up that belt that he worked so hard for easily.

The pair will go to war on February 17th at the Manchester Arena and have been training like Trojans right through Christmas since the fight was announced back in November.

A week out from the fight Chris Eubank Jr has brought out this cheeky video showing what he plans to do to Groves next week:


Whether or not Eubank Jr possess the one punch power to take out the natural super-middleweight of the two in Groves remains to be seen though.

At any rate, expect this to be one hell of a fight.

However it long it goes.

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