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Promoter Reveals Random Act Of Kindness Joshua Buatsi Did For Homeless Woman

Even in today’s booming times for boxing globally there are some people who bash the sport who do not understand the athletes. This heart warming tale is perhaps a shining example of what type of people boxers really are.

Joshua Buatsi was a standout amateur fighter in the UK and since turning professional his knockout power and exciting fight style has won over man fans already.

But it’s not just in the ring that he’s been winning over fans it turns out.

Speaking to Kugan Cassius of IFL TV, Buatsi’s promoter Eddie Hearn revealed a story about Joshua Buatsi that happened just before Christmas:

“I remember when he came to the Katie Taylor fight before Christmas (2017). There was a woman outside (the venue) and she was asking for money, homeless I think, and someone told me that she went to Buatsi and asked him for money. And he asked her what for? Because I think he was more concerned that she would spend it elsewhere on something that she shouldn’t be. And she said – I just need some food.”

Hearn continued:

“So Buatsi took her to a restaurant in Bethnall Green and fed her. And then he missed the first couple of fights and then came back and came to the show. That’s the kind of person that Joshua Buatsi is.”

Fair play Buatsi. No doubt he’ll have some luck for that down the road.

Currently Joshua Buatsi has an undefeated professional record of 4-0-3KO.

He campaigns in the light-heavyweight division at this time.

For the full interview with Hearn on IFL YouTube (hat tip) check it out here: