The man Tyson Fury was named after as a child by his father has responded to comments the former champion made recently surrounding what would have happened in a bout between the two.

While the two shared two completely different eras in boxing, the debate between what would have happened between Fury and Mike Tyson somehow came to the fold recently.

It’s just what fight fans like to do, really, in terms of debating who would have won between fighters of different eras in boxing.

Following comments made by WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder saying he would have beaten a prime Mike Tyson, Tyson Fury then came out with the complete opposite.

He said that in fact Mike Tyson would have knocked him out in one.

In reaction to what Fury said, Tyson said:

“Hey Tyson Fury I heard you say that I would have knocked you out if me and you fought. Hey man, you must have more confidence in yourself man. Anything can happen in a fight. You see Buster Douglas knocked me out so anything can happen. You have to have more confidence in yourself and I look forward to seeing you make your comeback, okay buddy. Take care.”

For the story on how Tyson Fury actually got his name on the night he was born after Mike Tyson, check this short feature out where his father tells the story: