Chris Eubank senior has caused significant controversy ahead of his son’s fight with George Groves by bringing a past situation to light that nearly killed a man in the ring.

Nick Blackwell after fighting Chris Eubank Jr suffered a bleed on the brain and went into a coma after their fight a number of years back.

It highlighted just how dangerous boxing can still be is at the highest level, even in today’s modern time where medical procedures and precautions in the sport have improved ten fold.

Thankfully Blackwell is now alive and well but will never box again after fighting Eubank Jr.

Eubank senior brought the situation up on Twitter this week with:

Many feel bringing Blackwell’s name into this is a bit in called for, given the gravity of what happened in the past between him and Eubank’s son.

Indeed, Fury who was tagged above in the Tweet, has blasted Eubank for the remark:

Fury has gained a significant amount of back up online thus far.

Eubank Jr and Groves will collide for real in the ring next week at the Manchester Arena as part of the semi-final of the World Boxing Super Series.