Eubank Senior Attempts To Defend Controversial Nick Blackwell Comment

Chris Eubank senior as he’s done so often in his boxing career and now post-fight career, has stirred up the pot and got people talking.

While some have called the legendary fighter simply a bit eccentric and outside the box in the past, comments this week in the eyes of many crossed the line about former fighter Nick Blackwell who was nearly killed in the ring by Eubank’s son – Chris Eubank Jr.

Eubank Jr finds himself making final battle preparations at the moment for his bout next week in Manchester against George Groves and has been starting to play subtle mind games with Groves, and visa versa.

Now Eubank senior has stepped into the mind games realm and mentioned that he hopes the referee for the bout keeps an eye on Groves so similar tragic circumstances do not occur to that of what happened in his son’s fight with Nick Blackwell.

Eubank senior has largely been blasted for bringing Blackwell into the fight between his son and Groves but the former world champion is standing firm over the remarks – saying on social media:

“My trying2be protective of @StGeorgeGroves gets me negative feed back Im not looking2be liked by pretending Watson & Blackwell didn’t happen. There’s no disgrace in me reminding the refs2be mindfull as it’s genuine. To look at @ChrisEubankJr he seems normal but he’s far from it.”

The fight takes place on Saturday February 17th at the Manchester Arena.

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