Brandon Rios Weary Of One Punch In Particular From Danny Garcia

Brandon Rios and Danny Garcia on February 17th in Las Vegas in an exciting clash of styles which should result in some fireworks for fans.

Rios only fights one way really, coming forward and brawling. Garcia can have a dog fight himself, but by far is the more accomplished boxer-type of the two.

This leads the question to some will it be Garcia the boxer vs Rios the brawler?

That said, at some point in the fight both guys will have to plant their feet and stand toe to toe one suspects.

Speaking to the press, Rios said of the Garcia challenge:

“I’m training really hard and I’m ready to get back in the ring. My weight is perfect right now and I’m just ready to give the fans a great show.
“This is the kind of fight that I asked for because I know that beating a guy like Danny Garcia will mean a lot to my career and put me on the fast track to accomplish my goals.
“Danny has a lot of power on his hook. He throws it hard and is accurate. We’ve worked hard to prepare for this moment and I’m excited.
“Having Robert Garcia here makes me much happier in training. I love the instructions from him and Donald Leary, and I love having them as my corner. Sparring the young guys in Robert’s gym really has helped me. Those guys are hungry and always pushing to prove themselves. I have to keep elevating my game.
“As long as I beat Danny Garcia, I know that it puts me back to the top of this division. I’m here again and I’m doing it right this time. I want to make the most of this part of my career. I don’t want to ever wonder ”what if?'”
“I’m going to win. That’s my mentality. I’m going into this fight with that same hunger and drive to never be defeated. I’m going to do whatever I have to do to win this fight.
“We’re expecting to fight the best version of Danny Garcia. I know he had his first loss and wants his title back, so he’ll be prepared. I think we’re going to give the fans a great show.
“I feel rejuvenated and more mature than ever before. I’ve already been to the top. I just want to do things right this time so I can get back up there and stay there. I’m taking this camp very seriously to be at my best on February 17. I’m going to go out there and execute the game plan.
“We’re going to give 150 tickets to first responders of the Las Vegas incident last year and it means a lot to me and my whole team. Those men and women work very hard and put their lives on the line to protect us all around the world. It means a lot to me for them to come to this show.”
This could very well be one of Rios’ last shots at the big time – so expect him to give it absolutely everything come February 17th.
(Photo credit: Idris Erba/Team Brandon Rios)