KSI and Joe Weller set a number of records this past weekend in a boxing match won by KSI that went out on YouTube and Facebook.

In the age of social media and YouTube stars we now live in, perhaps from a boxing perspective, last weekend’s bout in the UK between KSI and Joe Weller proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that this age is not only here to say, but is growing significantly in youth culture across the world.

The mass consumption of content online grows year on year and this past weekend 1.6 million people viewed the boxing match between KSI and Joe Weller.

That actually made it boxing’s biggest fight in the UK in terms of viewers since Anthony Joshua vs Wladimir Klitschko back in April of last year.

A stark fact when you consider that no one in the boxing industry really heard of KSI or Joe Weller going into the bout.

The question is posed from hardcore fight fans though, is this kind of thing good for boxing or damaging to the sport?

I’d have to disagree to be fair.

The sheer numbers involved in such a large-scale event put boxing in front of not only millions of people, but many of the younger generation that might not have otherwise tuned in and watched, which can only be a positive thing.

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