Chris Eubank Jr is readying himself in final preparations ahead of this month’s George Groves showdown in Manchester and has been clearly sparring ferociously.

Eubank Jr’s intensity is well-known at this point. Always wanting to go flat-out in most things he does, only knowing one speed really.

But that speed will need to be backed up with subtle variations in his work against a clever fox-like operator in George Groves, who’ll also enjoy a natural size advantage over Eubank being the natural super-middleweight of the two.

Eubank Jr knows this in his heart of hearts, surely, and has been sparring very hard accordingly.

The folks at Talk Sport have released this clip that shows Eubank Jr engaging in a toe to toe exchange with a sparring partner that prompted his father to jump in and pull him off his sparring partner:

Eubank Jr has been known to go flat-out in sparring before, a clip a few years ago when he was starting out conveyed as much when he pushed one Carl Froch very hard in sparring on one occasion.

Sparring is sparring of course, and it only counts under the lights with the small gloves on where one punch can change it all.

Especially from a fighter who hits as hard as Groves.

What a fight that lays ahead later this month – possibly the best fight of the early year so far in the sport.

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