Boxing Could Incredibly Risk Being Removed From The Olympics

Some astonishing news has broken today that suggests that boxing as a sport may not feature in the 2020 Olympic games in some startling news.

This will come as a shock to not just boxing fans, but the wider sporting public as a whole.

Boxing, one of the oldest sports of them all, with a proud, proud tradition at the highest level of amateur boxing in the Olympic games dating back years, is being looked at in a very adverse light currently by the IOC (international Olympic Committee).

In a statement released by the IOC today the organization said:

“The IOC reserves the right to review the inclusion of boxing on the programme of the Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018 and the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.”

The statement also noted:

“We are extremely worried about the governance in AIBA.”

The AIBA (Amateur International Boxing Association) have been involved in numerous controversial incidents over the years, with the most recent been the officiating and refereeing at the last Olympic Games that took place in 2016.

Irish boxer Michael Conlan highlighted his opinion famously at the time of the organization in that he said:

“Amateur boxing stinks.”

Very concerning news indeed for the sport of boxing as a whole.

It will be up to the AIBA to address this issue with the IOC transparently in a bid to not damage the sport of boxing’s reputation even further.

The news comes at a particular annoying time as professional boxing at the moment is really flourishing around the world.

Sadly, amateur boxing has not.