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Tony Bellew Reacts Angrily To Walk-On Girls Scandal – He’s Spot On

There is currently an incredible story going through the world of sport where some women who work at sporting events might not now be able to earn a living in their chosen profession.

The politically correct world could indeed be going mad at the moment.

It’s not often that the term sexism or feminism comes across the Boxing News and Views desk, but now in the UK following some changes in legislation, ring card girls may not be allowed to work anymore in the future, potentially.

While it does not affect boxing just yet, walk-on girls at darts events will now not be allowed to do so anymore after new legislation.

Tony Bellew has hit out at the news when speaking to Talk Sport this morning:

“I just think it’s absolutely ridiculous. In a modern-day and age where people are crying out for work. Job centre is more full than ever. Claiming benefits is at an all time high. These people are wanting to stop girls going out and working now.”

He added:

“I head a mother on (the show earlier). What do you want your daughter to do? You go on about feminism and stuff like this.”

He went on to say later:

“You can’t change how a man looks at a woman or how a woman looks at a man. Is this what we are coming down to?”

Interesting times indeed and on the whole, you’d have to agree with Tony Bellew.

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