Floyd Mayweather Has Just Stealthfully Trolled Conor McGregor

The pair continue to engage in a war of words months on from their boxing match in Las Vegas where Mayweather stopped the Irishman in the 10th round.

The fight that got the world’s attention still seems to be fresh in the mind of its victor.

You could tell in the build-up that Floyd Mayweather was taking mental notes of all the abuse been hurled at him by McGregor, and Mayweather’s continued onslaught of verbal abuse back at McGregor since winning the fight clearly a revenge dish he is enjoying subsequently.

In recent weeks Mayweather made fun of a story alleging that a mafia gang were after McGregor following a scuffle that apparently took place in a pub.

By all accounts that story appears to be complete bull, but it was enough to give Mayweather some ammunition.

Now the American has taken another shot at the Irishman on social media, this time in perhaps a more subtle way with:

“#MCM Mayweather Crushes McGregor.”

Which he followed with this photo:


There is a school of thought out there that still thinks they have another boxing match again, before it’s all said and done.

Although I’m not sure could it be as big as the last one, but it would still do enough to generate a lot of interest though.

Don’t count on never seeing McGregor in a boxing match again mind you. Particularly with his current boss Dana White now getting into the boxing game.