Footage Emerges Of Floyd Mayweather In A UFC Octagon

One Floyd Mayweather has caused a stir in world combat sports with a video that is going viral online at the moment of Mayweather inside an MMA cage.

Mayweather was linked with a fight in the UFC not long ago after he revealed that he could comeback and fight in the UFC and make hundreds of millions for doing so.

Most dismissed the claim at the time as simply publicity seeking.

Mayweather is a 40-year-old man with no training in mixed martial arts and to step into a different sport entirely under the UFC banner, one would imagine his face would get smashed quite badly.

Mayweather is going to cause a lot of controversy with this post tonight – check it out here:

This could very well be just another PR move.

It’s hard to see why he’d risk so much after such a successful boxing career. In one sense, he wouldn’t be risking his boxing record though, more risking his health.

You’d have to think if he did go into an MMA bout they’d put him in with someone who has limited to no ground game, surely.

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