Breath Taking Photo Paints Incredible Picture For The State Of Boxing

If one single photo can sum up the positive momentum the sport is experiencing at the moment, perhaps this is the one.

The World Boxing Super Series trucked on again this week in Latvia headlined by a battle at cruiserweight.

The feedback to the new format and the contests exhibited thus far has been largely solid from most within boxing and elsewhere.

Something rather difficult to do.

But if you’re putting on the fights people want to see and hosting them in settings like this, well, words don’t do it justice really:

The Champions League of soccer meets professional boxing, much?

Indeed, some of the production people behind the scenes involved with the new format come from the Champions League.

Its no coincidence things turned out this way.

Its been a while since something this classy and aesthetically easy on the eye has come to the boxing world. If continued quality matchups can be made the World Boxing Super Series is really onto a winner.

My only (slight) constructive critique would be the lack of an American TV deal at the moment and also, the need for more global distribution of the fights.

While monetizing online does not yet offer the purse strings of TV (yet), to make this truly a tournament for world (hence on the word world) boxing it will need to be available to view, ultimately, regardless of broadcast rights, everywhere worldwide.

All in good time my boy. Onwards and upwards one suspects.

(Photo source and credit: Kalle Sauerland Twitter)