Shawn Porter Comments On Adrien Broner’s Lifestyle

Talented multi-weight world champion Adrien Broner has returned to intense training since the start of 2018 and appears to finally have his love back for boxing.

The sport is surely one of the most gruelling of them all and for a fighter as talented as Broner, if he does really have everything together outside the ring and is focused on the sport again – he could be a very live force in the welterweight or super-lightweight division.

Fellow Al Haymon stablemate and professional fighter Shawn Porter said with Broner it’s all about his lifestyle and him getting things together outside of the ring, before he can conquer inside of it.

Speaking to Porter said:

“Just as quick as you’re saying, as quick as you’re saying you’ve got it together, as quick as you say you’re going to avenge every loss, just as quick you could be in jail the next day, just as quick you could be on TMZ doing the wrong thing the day and you have a mark on you. With him (Broner) that’s his lifestyle. That’s what occasionally happens to him. If he handles the mental size of boxing, if he handles outside things – I truly believe the rest will take care of itself.”

Broner had an up and down year last year that saw him have brushes with the law again and also inside the ring he was less than impressive.

However Porter truly feels that this year could be a big one for Broner:

“I myself am optimistic that he’ll (Broner) get it together that you’ll see him in the ring against Amir Khan and that he’ll be one of the best fighters you’ve ever seen.”

Coming off a loss to Mikey Garcia it is thought Broner will likely face Omar Figueroa next.

A dangerous fight that Porter thinks will be a tough one for him on his first fight back off the back of the Garcia loss:

“Could be (tough). Omar is big, he’s strong and he’s knows what he’s doing and he’s got it together.”

As of yet no fight has been confirmed but it is thought an announcement will be made for his next bout before the end of this month.

For the full interview with Porter on Fight Hype (hat tip) check it out here on YouTube: