Eddie Hearn Reveals His Obsession With Boxing and Anthony Joshua

Boxing is a tough business. No doubt about it. Now one of it’s most successful promoters has opened up about how obsessed you have to be in boxing to win and how he’s obsessed with the career of heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua.

Hearn has shot to success over the last five years since he got into boxing after his father Barry Hearn put him into the boxing side of their family business based in the UK – called Matchroom Sport.

He’s come in for a lot of stick since then but in fairness he has put on a number of big fights in recent years that have included some very large stadium shows.

Speaking to Kugan Cassius of IFL TV Hearn opened up about boxing and Anthony Joshua:

“You know how many people in the business who would love to see Anthony Joshua knocked out. In an interview I did before I said do you know how many people would love to see Charles Martin knock out Anthony Joshua? In the (boxing) business it’s us against the world. What you also don’t see is the job we do with the governing bodies, dealing with exemptions, dealing with mandatory (fights), dealing with politics. That’s even tougher sometimes than putting on the shows. Stirring the ship, ducking and diving and the landscape because before you know it someone has f**** you. You can’t afford in this business to take your eye off the ball.”

He went on to say later:

“I live and breathe the business. I live and breathe our fighters. I live and breathe Anthony Joshua. I know exactly what is happening all the time with every governing body, with every penny and it’s solid as a rock.”

Joshua will fight next on March 31st at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales in a heavyweight title unification against WBO heavyweight champion Joseph Parker.

For the full interview check it out here on IFL TV YouTube (hat tip):