Mayweather The Promoter – Why Not Use That Mouthpiece To Help Boxing

The retired boxer recently commented about how he thought fighters need more of a voice in boxing. He’s right – but what’s he doing about it?

One of the main problems that has faced American boxing in recent years is the lack of top quality promotion.

If you look at the top two combat sports promoters in the world, Dana White of the UFC and Eddie Hearn in the UK, they both have one thing in common from what I can see.

They both made themselves famous.

While this might have gone against the grain in years gone by where promotion was always about promoting the fighters first, this all changed when social media rolled into town.

The above two promoters in the beginning of their respective careers did God knows how many interviews to get themselves in the public eye.

Rarely turning down an interview, although White has become more selective with his media interactions these days.

What this did was allow them to sell their events and market their fighters more as known quantities themselves, adding themselves into the soap opera story line that is the modern-day fight business.

Mayweather’s level of fame absolutely hammers the above two combined.

If he wanted, and really started going about his promoter’s hat seriously and regularly in terms of doing interviews year round about his boxers (not just before their fights) and really started to push Mayweather Promotions and his boxers, he could do a hell of a job for getting boxing out there a bit more in the States overall.

He can certainly talk and is no fool.

Now that he’s done in the sport as an active fighter he has more time to dive into the promotion game than ever before too.

Over to you money man, if you say fighters need a voice more than step up the plate and put your A Game on in the promoting game more.

He’s certainly got the fame and following to do so.