One of the world’s best fighters, pound for pound, has made a claim that could offer a small insight into the future of boxing promoters.

Or indeed, the need for them at all.

Errol Spence Jr’s profile has been steadily growing in the US (and to a small extent the UK after beating Kell Brook) over the past couple of years with placements on popular American sports shows like Sports Center on ESPN, timing his fights just after highly watched events like the Olympics, as well as a consistent presence in boxing media.

The fact he’s one of the best pound for pound boxers in the world helps too of course, coupled with an exciting style where he genuinely looks to finish fights every time he steps in the ring.

Leading boxing promoter Eddie Hearn would tell you that a lot of these fighters in the US do not have the fame or profiles they should have because of poor, or lack of, promotion.

But is he really right?

It’s a complex question.

Spence thinks not:

Maybe he doesn’t due to his current set up and outstanding ability but does this apply to everyone?

I’m not sure it does. Some boxers will likely always need a helping hand with promoters.

But at the same time, some fighters these days for sure are self promoters.

Look at Conor McGregor in MMA for example.

Sure, the UFC gained him exposure when he first fought in the organization but largely, he did all the work himself on social media in terms of getting his name out there.

On a lower level in UK boxing one could also make the argument that fighters like Ohara Davies and even Ireland’s Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan for doing similar, to lesser extend, granted, but they still have gotten their names out there themselves on social media for the most part.

Spence’s claim above begs the question as social media and the use of the web continues to expand, will fighters ultimately be their own promoters and put the traditional promoter out of a job and keep that percentage for themselves, their coaches and managers?

Powerful managers like Al Haymon would probably tell you yes.

Promoters like Eddie Hearn would probably tell you no.

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