Tyson Fury Makes Unexpected Proposal To Joseph Parker

It seems like all the top heavyweights in world boxing at the moment have things to say about one another, even if they are already tied up with other opponents.

Joseph Parker is pencilled in for a huge fight with Anthony Joshua on March 31st in Cardiff but that has not stopped one Tyson Fury getting in touch with him.

Speaking on Twitter today, Fury sent the following to Parker:

“I’ve got a show on the night your boxing in England but if you want I’ll come spar you when your in uk training for the fight, it wil help both me & you, you won’t find better sparing than me I promise you. Let me know pal?”

The two already know one another very well and even went on a weekend long binge together after the Hughie Fury vs Joseph Parker fight last year.

No doubt Tyson Fury wants to help Parker in preparations for Anthony Joshua, whom he’s less than friendly to put it lightly.

It seems like a win-win for both parties in terms of sparring – as Fury is due back to the ring in April himself and could not get better sparring than a division rival.

This is a bit unexpected as you would not usually see two rival heavyweights spar with one another for fear of giving away their boxing secrets in the gym before potentially fighting for real.

However these two some to be decent friends behind the scenes.