Dillian Whyte Rips Browne – Calls Him A F****** Racist Piece Of S***

The Dillian Whyte and Lucas Browne heavyweight bout clearly has genuine hatred involved in it  – clear to see after the two met for the first time in person in the UK.

Whyte is adamant that Browne made alleged racist remarks towards him on social media as part of months of back and forth abuse between the two fighters on various social media platforms.

Speaking to Kugan Cassius of IFL TV Whyte said:

“I can’t stand a racist. F****** piece of s***.”

He continued to say later:

“In life there is certain people that you have to deal with them in a certain way because they are bullies. He’d even say himself that he’s a bully and an enforcer. You can’t allow someone to enforce stuff on you and bully you so you have to be a certain way and approach them a certain way. With him I decided to take this approach. In my last fight Helenius wasn’t like that. Helenius was cool. But this guy is a bully and he tries to step to me in a way I don’t like.”

The pair will fight on March 24th at the O2 Arena in London with the winner in line for a world title shot later in the year.