Boxing Primes: Is Canelo Getting GGG At The Right Time In Rematch?

Boxing Primes: Is Canelo Getting GGG At The Right Time In Rematch?

The pair are set to battle it out for a second time later this year with negotiations still ongoing but thought to be almost concluded officially very soon.

It is understood that the main bones of contention in the negotiations however are all agreed, with mainly the location of the bout still to be decided upon with leading candidates being Las Vegas and New York.

The real question for me will surround what kind of Golovkin will turn up.

In a lot of his more recent bouts he seems intent on steam rolling his opponent with his considerable power. While perhaps slightly neglecting the use of his boxing ability – which he has in spades.

Tactics aside some have suggested that “GGG” might not be the fighter he was a few years ago but the jury is still out on that for me.

Canelo could be considered in his prime at the moment, or even not in it just yet with his age so it begs the question – will the rematch be the right time for Canelo to get the win this time around?

Will he be a more improved fighter than Golovkin by the time they step in there and do it for a second time?

Most people thought Golovkin deserved to win the first fight back in September but over nine months will have gone by the time of the rematch come May (when it is expected to happen).

If Golovkin has slowed down expect Canelo to take every advantage of it that he can. Time will tell though. I suspect Golovkin will turn up as ominous as ever in the rematch, hell-bent on putting the record straight.

He’s a clean liver outside the ring too. I don’t see any reason to pay credence to some of the school of thought among fans that he’s a fighter on decline at the moment.