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Home » Anthony Joshua Makes A Promise To Joseph Parker’s Mother

Anthony Joshua Makes A Promise To Joseph Parker’s Mother


Current heavyweight kingpin Anthony Joshua has made a promise to his next challenger’s mother ahead of their fight in Wales on March 31st.

Anthony Joshua has always come across as a decent guy who has that ability to turn on the bad guy persona when he gets in the ring.

Most fighters do, certainly the top-level professionals.

How they are in their day lives compared to what they are inside the squared circle can often be two very complete personalities all together.

The law-abiding, respectful exterior they exhibit in their every day lives goes away and is replaced by someone intent on destroying another man opposite them, within the rules of boxing.

Speaking to Stuff in New Zealand ahead of the fight Joshua ha this message for Parker’s family:

“I’ll put Parker in my prayers that he leaves the ring in good health, and he goes back to New Zealand and his family in good health, so that’s the least I can do for his family.”

He added:

“A mother’s love is unconditional so I respect that. But we’ve both got a job to do and we both want to be victorious, so tell his mum not to worry – I hope he leaves the ring in safe condition.”

All respect will go out the window of course when it comes time to fight on March 31st – with both men then only focused on one thing and one thing alone – victory.