Joshua’s upcoming opponent Joseph Parker’s promoter David Higgins claimed Joshua has been knocked down at least six times in training that they know of.

He did not exactly say of how he knew, or what the occasions were – but it caused a bit of controversy yesterday when he made the remarks.

Anthony Joshua has now responded to the claims from Higgins and clarified that he is mistaken:

“A lot of people have spoken about me getting dropped and hand on my heart have used it as a PR stunt. On terms of how you used it as well. The three times that I have been dropped or hurt was when I was in the European Championships (as an amateur) when (Rob) McCracken (trainer) knows I was actually banned from the GB team because I was still getting in trouble. So I went back to Watford. I stopped boxing and two weeks before that I got called up to represent the country. I was very unfit. I didn’t get dropped. I got stopped. When your tank is empty it’s hard to perform.”

On the second time he said:

“The second time was against David Price (in sparring). I had actually come out of a police cell that day and went up to training. I’m not going to use that as an excuse but David Price is a puncher. Lack of experience.”

On the third and final time he’s been dropped in his career so far:

“And the third time was with Klitschko.”

Well there you have it – straight from the horse’s mouth, as it were.