The UK welterweight returns to the sport this year for the first time in two years that has got social media in boxing working overtime with memes, videos and other jousts at him – but why?

When you look at Amir Khan’s career he’s never ducked anybody.

He’s always been in exciting fights for the most part and his blistering hand speed and willingness to go intro the trenches in fights like the one he with Marcos Maidana show when it comes to the heart and courage department, Khan is up there with the best of them.

Perhaps overly so. His critics will point to his willingness to be involved in a dog fight in the past as his undoing.

But is this not what is go great to watch about Khan?

This unknown quantity every time he steps in the ring and not knowing if his chin will hold up against a big puncher?

Granted, he’s been knocked out cold in a few fights in his career – but in the Marcos Maidana fight he did show his chin sometimes can hold up.

There seems to be a section of fans that no matter what Khan does – berate him with online abuse. Its been going on for years and it’s always baffled this writer.

One thing I didn’t like in Khan’s early career was when he got a bit over-confident and said to one of his opponents (Paul McCloskey) in a post-fight press conference:

“Be quiet. The champ is talking now.”

This brash attitude doesn’t seem to be there any more mind you. He’s 31 now and everyone can be forgiven for things they said in their younger days, in truth.

Now that 2018 is here Khan has the chance to really get his career back on track and close it out in style.

If he really wants to.

Emphasis on the word “wants”. You can have all the money in the world but if a boxer loses the desire – it’s over.

Time will tell in his first fight back.