What Is It About The Heavyweight Division

Even in 2018 the heavyweight division still has that lure for the general public. What is it about the giants of the ring throwing down that gets fans so excited?

Perhaps it goes back to the Roman days when gladiators once fought one another. As barbaric as it sounds.

There’s something primal in the fascination of it all. To quote a certain UFC President Dana White:

“Fighting (human beings) is in our DNA. We get it – and we like it.”

He’s right. There’s no getting away from it.

Even in this crazy, politically correct world that we now live in today in 2018.

Heavyweight boxing has always satisfied the above human need perhaps due to the sheer power of the punches in the division compared to others.

I recall an English actor once saying:

“It must be like getting a belt of a baseball bat to get a punch from one of those boys.”

A shuddering thought. But an accurate assessment.

It’s quite incredible how the human body which is not designed to absorb the blows of someone say like Anthony Joshua or Deontay Wilder – can do so like some of their competitors have shown (Carlos Takam and Stiverne in his first fight with Wilder for example).

Now that the heavyweight division is compelling again with a number of fighters around the world all vying for the number one spot – more and more casual sports fans seem to be watching boxing again.

Perhaps a well-known promoter said it best:

“There’s boxing and then there’s heavyweight boxing.”

Heavyweight boxing looks set to shine bright in 2018, provided the best fight the best.