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World’s Best Snooker Player Declares His Love For Roberto Duran

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Boxing seems to be coming into contact again with more and more other sports. A sure sign of the continued increase in the popularity of boxing once again.

World famous and number one snooker player Ronnie O’Sullivan of the UK is a big boxing fan it turns out.

The snooker player for those that know of him will know of his incredible genius with a cue.

A perfectionist that has won the world championship God knows how many times but above titles and prize money, his style of snooker is perhaps the most exciting and quickest of any other in history to watch.

Speaking on Twitter O’Sullivan admitted how much of a fan he is of Roberto Duran:

“I’m in love with Roberto Duran, you tube this guy if you like your boxing”

Duran is considered by many to be up there as one of the pound for pound best of all time.

An incredible warrior with a never say die attitude. Perhaps one of the most fierce and ferocious fighters that ever lived.

The Panamanian boxer won world titles in four weight classes and incredibly went from lightweight to middleweight during his professional tenure in the sweet science.

Nicknamed “The Hands of Stone” – no doubt he’ll be happy with O’Sullivan’s shining endorsement today.

Here’s some of Duran’s greatest moments: