Adrien Broner calls out Omar Figueroa for a fight next up in 2018 after what was another disappointing year for Broner in 2017.

Surely after all the bull in and out of the ring the last few years Adrien Broner has got his determination back for boxing now.

It’s now like he never had it. He was exceptional only a few years ago and he’s still young man at the age of 28.

It’s very frustrating. The guy clearly has an exceptional fight game but for one reason or another over the last few years, just keeps stumbling and having set backs.

He now appears to be genuinely trying hard at the moment though and has had the following message for Omar Figueroa on Instagram:

“Meet me at 140 I will stop ya b**** a**.”

Broner Calls Out Omar Figueroa

Outside of the trash talk, I’m actually delighted with this message.

The fact that Broner is looking to go to 140lbs should make him a far, far more effective operator than he was at welterweight (147lbs).

He was never suited to the welterweight division I thought. What this now means too, more than likely, that an Amir Khan fight is certainly not on the table next up anyway.

Khan will be fighting at welterweight and as part of his new three fight deal his new promoter Eddie Hearn mentioned the Broner fight might be looked at in the 2nd or 3rd bout of the agreement.