It’s not often you see the soccer and boxing worlds come together but in a rather brilliant turn of events from legendary soccer player Paul Gascoigne, he’s had a pretty hilarious message for the retired American boxer.

There is no doubt that Floyd Mayweather will never have heard of who Paul Gascoigne is. Or probably the sport of soccer for that matter.

But many in Europe and certainly in England will remember the iconic international sports man very fondly.

Plagued with alcohol and substance abuse issues since retiring from soccer, the Englishman was perhaps one of the most talented sportsmen of his generation.

Adored by his country.

Like all geniuses however he was flawed. But now he’s making a strong comeback these days and by all accounts is healthy and very content in his life.

So much so that he wanted to let Floyd Mayweather know that his term “TBE” should actually be reserved for him in a message sent to Mayweather on Twitter:

“Can anyone get in touch with @FloydMayweather to just let him know the real #TBE #GOAT is back haha #Gazza #GazzasBack Love GAZZA xxx”

Quality stuff from a quality human being.

As for Floyd Mayweather, don’t expect him to get in touch anytime soon.

Having said that, Mayweather is getting a little more creative with his social media accounts these days. Or whoever is operating them on his behalf is.

If you look beyond the constant posts about his strip club in Las Vegas, recently Mayweather has been stealthily leaving comments on other well-known celebrities’ and sports men’s Instagram accounts.

The most known example came not long ago when he commented Sugar Ray Leonard off of his official Floyd Mayweather Instagram account following a heated discussion about the two fighter’s careers.

Mayweather insists he is the best boxer of all time but Ray Leonard has always maintained that if the two fought in their prime their would have only been one winner.