Boxing World Loves The Whyte vs Browne Heavyweight Fight

The Whyte vs Browne heavyweight fight has really impressed people across the boxing world from fans, to journalists, to boxers alike.

A palpable hatred accompanies both men’s comments about one another regularly.

When this type of genuine needle rolls around particularly between two heavyweight bombers like these chaps, it tends to end in fireworks.

While Dillian Whyte and Lucas Browne are contenders at the moment and not on the level of say an Anthony Joshua or Deontay Wilder, that doesn’t take away from the fact that they are both very, very dangerous fighters in the division.

Heavyweight with enough power to take anyone out if they land right.

For an announcement of a non world title fight it seems to have got a whole pile of reaction from the boxing community.

People seem to be delighted with it overall:

It just goes to show that a bit of creativity in matchmaking and obeying the old law in boxing of putting on fights that fans genuinely want to see – will bring out spectators.