Jay Z and Beyonce Aware Of Jay Z Promoted Boxer’s Medical Plight

A Jay Z promoted boxer who suffered a near life threatening injury while boxing under Jay Z’s RocNation promotional company has voiced his opinion at the organisation again, but has made a stunning admission this time.

Up until now former featherweight fighter Daniel Franco has taken to social media to continue to highlight the fact that he has not heard from his old promoter since he suffered a brain injury in his last bout that took place in June of last year in Sloan.

However moving on from that, furthermore – he has now actually revealed that Jay Z and his superstar wife Beyonce not only know about his current medical bill plight since the bout – but have also spoken about it.

In an interview with Michael Woods of Ring TV Franco said:

“No, I haven’t heard from Jay Z or Beyonce. One of my friends has links to a lot of celebs and I heard that Jay Z and Beyonce actually know about it and actually talked about it.”

Truly incredible stuff if Jay Z who heads the company RocNation knows about what is happening to a former boxer he promoted – that due to a tragedy in the ring now faces soaring medical bills – and has not reached out.

These stories seem to happen too frequently in boxing where fighters who fall on hard times through simply bravely competing in a sport for the public’s entertainment, face tragic circumstances like this.

Franco initially was thought to be touch and go for his life at the time the bleed on his brain was found after his last fight.

He has since gone on to prove doctors and many others wrong with his recovery.

His GoFundMe page can be found here where he is now well on the way to reaching his goal raise to assist with his medical bills.

Everyone at Boxing News and Views wishes Mr. Franco the best in his recovery and for the future in whatever he decides to pursue next.