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Floyd Mayweather gives 10 reasons exactly why he is better than his old foe in the ring, who is now a rival in the modern-day boxing promotional world.

It seems like these two guys will never get along – it runs deep.

De La Hoya on his part seems to personally just not like Mayweather as a person.

While the same can be said the other way, Mayweather also still feels that their old mutual promoter Top Rank favored De La Hoya at the time when both men were signed with the promoter.

That the did not market him the correct way in his opinion.

Now however he’s also gone into De La Hoya’s fight game specifically, and his career. Speaking to he outlined these ten reasons why he thinks he was a better boxer than De La Hoya

“They (Top Rank promotions) believed in Oscar De La Hoya. A guy who right now is so f****** jealous of me it’s a shame. He didn’t make more money than me, was never a better fighter than me. His offence wasn’t like mine. His defence wasn’t like mine. His chin wasn’t like mine. I’ve never been a quitter and will never be a quitter. I’ve got a great chin. I can fight on the outside. I can fight on the inside. I can counter punch and I can bang. I proved that.”

The two now head Mayweather Promotions and Golden Boy Promotions and find themselves in the field of perhaps making fights with one another over the coming years.

If they can work together, that is.

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