Adrien Broner Lists Two Front Runners For Next Opponent

Adrien Broner lists two of the main guys he’s looking at next up in his boxing career – following a torrid 2017 that saw problems both in and outside of the ring. Again unfortunately.

However it’s a new year for everyone and Broner is seemingly more optimistic than he has been in some time.

He seems to be talking a bit of sense and judging by his workout videos posted early this year, he’s definitely training hard at least.

It is perhaps a case of falling back in love with the sport again for Broner and if he can do that, he’ll give plenty of fighters problems.

No doubt about it.

Speaking on his officially verified Instagram account, Broner said of the current situation with his career:

“I ain’t got a date yet but I ain’t bout to rush into no more fights Unprepared shit just don’t work that way that’s how I lost in the porter fight and the Mikey fight I rushed my camps and my man enough to own up to my fuck ups but I ain’t taking shit for granted no more I will be at 100% for this next fight no matter if it’s against @omarfigueroajr or @amirkingkhan or anybody else who wanna fight me @showtimeboxing I’m sorry Espinosa I know you and AL had real good plans for me but I promise you them plans are still available and I will show that this next fight so let’s get this money and run the numbers up.”

Not rushing his training camp sounds like some logical, sound talk. To be fair to him. I’m just not sure is welterweight the division for him.

It’s obviously where a lot of big fights are though.

Particularly with his manager Al Haymon managing a number of the top welterweights in the world now,.

But I just can’t help thinking 140lbs would be perfect for an in-shape, motivated Broner, who’s enjoying his boxing again.

That said, a fight between him and Khan at welterweight would be a fun fight, too.