Mayweather Feels Top Rank Are Copying Him With Pacquiao vs McGregor

mayweather feels

Mayweather feels that his old promoter are once again copying stuff that he’s done in the sport of boxing – in his opinion.

2018 is here and the jibes between fighters and promoters are already underway.

Floyd Mayweather has consistently criticised Top Rank’s Bob Arum throughout his active career since he left the promotional outfit and isn’t stopping now that he’s a promoter himself and retired from the sport.

Speaking to Mayweather said:

“Even like Top Rank with the Manny Pacquiao fight. Now everybody trying to fight Conor McGregor. Even Top Rank with Manny Pacquiao. Everybody is trying to take my style and do the things I did. Man, listen, if you want to know the blueprint, sign with Mayweather Promotions and I can teach you the blueprint. I can put you in the position.”

Mayweather has shown that he’s willing to take his fighters overseas in 2017 to the UK and reach out to work with promoters in other countries.

It will be interesting to see how much more of this he does in 2018, particularly with boxing’s growing internationalization.

Recently he also pointed to the fact that he thinks an Anthony Joshua vs Deontay Wilder fight should happen in the UK because it would be bigger there.