Tony Bellew Has 3 Things He’d Change About Boxing

Tony Bellew Reacts To Canelo vs GGG 2 and People Are Agreeing With Him

Liverpool heavyweight Tony Bellew is currently getting ready for a rematch with David Haye set for this May and has just begun his latest training camp ahead of the fight.

He’s been spending time away from the sport over Christmas, relaxing with family.

But now he’s back to business and if he wins against Haye – talks of a possible Tyson Fury fight later in the year have even been floated.

Bellew can be quite outspoken and controversial at times but say what you want about him, he calls it as he sees it more often than not.

Speaking on the Pound for Pound podcast when asked his top three things he’d change about boxing – his response give food for thought:

“Disputed decisions. That would be the first one I’d take away. The second one would be the best fight the best. The number ones fight the number twos in every division. The third one would be two belts per division.”

I’d agree with all three but it’s the old conundrum, how do you solve them?

As long as human beings are involved in judging and it’s open to human interpretation and ultimately, error, as people make mistakes sometimes, it’s hard to see how that would be fixed.

The best fighting the best and two belts per division also seems like a hard one to fix.

Unless the four main governing bodies decided to come together and join forces perhaps.