Groves vs Eubank – The Early Belter To Look Forward To In Boxing In 2018

Groves vs Eubank – what a fight. A razor close one on paper between two lightning fast and powerful super-middleweights.

Groves vs Eubank pretty much across all the sports books and bookmaker’s lines I’ve seen so far is a dead even, 50-50 fight.

It doesn’t happen very often in boxing where the bookies literally can’t split two fighters but when it does, it often means something special is just around the corner.

Both Englishmen will have trained ferociously through the recent holidays ahead of their upcoming world title fight on February 17th at the Manchester Arena.

When the fight was announced some trash talk between the two occurred but its gone quiet recently, a sign that both men are knuckling down to the brutal reality that lays ahead of them in Manchester.

Both are coming into the fight in red-hot form too – off the back of vicious knockout wins.

Eubank Jr has admitted that he’s a middleweight trying to fight at super-middleweight ahead of the content, saying that when he beats Groves it will look all the more impressive consequently.

The two fighters can box and scrap when they need to, with the edge in speed perhaps going to Eubank Jr and perhaps the one-punch knockout power edge going to the man from Hammersmith.

Timing is everything in boxing though. both men seem to be at or at least near the fighting primes of the professional fight career.

Roll on February 17th.