Can Amir Khan Return To Old Form After Two Years Out?

Amir Khan Reveals Reason

Can Amir Khan recapture former glory after what will be by far the biggest period of inactivity of his career? It could come down to a couple of things.

Amir Khan is still only 31 years old, hard to believe considering how long he’s been around. He only turned 31 just before Christmas so in theory, he has plenty of years left fighting if he wants to.

But the question will be how much does he want it?

After appearing on a recent TV show which no doubt won him over new fans, how much desire does he have to go back to the brutal reality of boxing training camps?

His last fight in the ring came against Canelo Alvarez in May of 2015 – where he suffered a brutal knockout defeat.

Not for the first time in his career, either.

He’s shown his heart and warrior spirit before to come back from knockout losses, no arguments there – but that knockout was particularly brutal.

There’s no telling how he’ll react to the first clean blow the lands with the small gloves on in a live fight – until he’s actually back in there.

A mooted fight against Adrien Broner could be shrewd matchmaking from Al Haymon, mind you.

Even with Khan’s KO defeats in the past, its doubtful Broner carries the one-punch power at welterweight to totally clean Khan’s clock, with a single blow at least.

Khan has had a wonderful career overall.

Becoming a world champion and shooting to fame the world over, but the question remain how much does he have left in the tank after so many painful knockouts – and near two years away from the sport now.