There’s not many more qualified than boxing legend Evander Holyfield to call a fight. A man who won the world title at both cruiserweight and heavyweight – and fought the very best of his era.

Holyfield is perhaps one of the modern icons in boxing for his tenacity, determination, heart and warrior attitude that he brought into the boxing ring with him.

Like anyone in boxing, he’s also a boxing fan.

Nowadays he’s involved in the promotional business and when speaking to Kevin Iole on YouTube he gave an interesting response to when asked who he likes in a potential Anthony Joshua vs Deontay Wilder unification match in 2018:

“The thing is both fighters have the things that they do real well. Deontay may be the lesser experienced fighter that been the champion so long. But, what he has, he has confidence. Here’s a guy that does that the things he does real well, he’s got fast hands and he’s got that one-two (combination). I think at any given time if a person doesn’t watch out he’ll (Wilder) hit you with that one two.”

He makes a great point.

No matter who well-trained Joshua comes into a bout with Wilder, that almost shotgun-like right hand right down the middle is so fast and so powerful, that it will prove to be difficult to defend directly.

Unless he looks to counter it straight off the bat or break it up with the jab, potentially.

Holyfield continued to say:

“But I still know to be a great fighter he’s (Wilder) got to be tested. The fact of the matter is Anthony Joshua is that fighter with pedigree that he’s been in the game. He became the very best amateur fighter. He won the gold medal and all this so he brings a lot to the table. But I do believe that any given time he (Wilder) can knock anybody out. He (Wilder) throws the quick right (hand) and he’s not afraid to throw it. I like his confidence. I actually feel if you get the proper people you can add more to him. I think when he fights Anthony Joshua, after the fourth or the 5th round it changes. You know, youth is your strength. I think Anthony Joshua is just a more complete fighter. He’s been tested. He have been down and he have gotten up. The point of the matter is – that everybody is going to get you at some point in time. I don’t care you who are. Can you get it up (after been knocked down)?”

Another interesting point. Wilder has never had to really show that he can get back up off the ground like Joshua has in his career so far or display the level of durability that Joshua has so far.

If the going gets tough and a knock-down happens, this will be an interesting thing to see from the American. Time will tell if the fight can be made in 2018.

Boxing fans are certainly hoping so.