Tony Bellew Explains How He Has David Haye’s Number

The rematch is set between the two for May 5th at the 02 Arena on London after a brief postponement from the original date just before Christmas following an injury sustained to Haye.

That injury is now healing up to Haye’s bicep and the Londoner has hinted that this fight against Bellew could be his last in the ring.

Consequently, one would imagine he’s going to be bringing the proverbial kitchen sink to Bellew come fight night.

Bellew is confident ahead of the bout though and is back in training since the turn of the new year.

He knows that if he gets caught by Haye it could be curtains, but also knows if he catches Haye clean the same will happen.

That’s the kind of brutally honest and realistic fighter Bellew is these days, seemingly. Speaking to the Pound for Pound Podcast, Bellew said:

“Styles make fights. There will be guys that David can blow away in a round that might beat me but then there are guys that I’ve beaten who might out last David Haye. He’s lost to fighters of similar calibre in the past. He lost to Carl Thompson many years ago, he out lasted him. Then he lost conclusively to Wladimir Klitschko. He’s also been in a couple of other hard fights in his career.”

He added:

“I just feel like I’m all wrong for him. Mentally as well. That’s the biggest battle for him. Dealing with someone like me. I’m very unpredictable. He doesn’t know what I’m going to do. Lets be honest – I don’t know what I’m going to do. Never mind him.

Bellew won the last fight inside the distance and shocked not only the bookmakers – but the boxing world in what was one of the upsets of 2017.