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A fellow contestant from “I’m A Celeb” who had problems with Amir Khan in the jungle has met him face to face today for the first time since the show ended last month.

Amir Khan is now back to boxing business in 2018 but the last thing he did of note in 2017 that also proved to get him out to even more fans who didn’t know about him before, was when he went on a reality TV show and came across fairly well.

Indeed, boxing fans who would not watch the show usually – tuned in as Khan was on it and judging by Twitter reaction he came off well.

However fellow camp mate Iain Lee had a bone to pick with Khan today. Speaking on what he thought of Khan, he said:

“He left me out to dry. I shouldn’t be friends with that backstabbing rat should I?”

Little did he know that Amir Khan was actually waiting on set to then come out and meet him. Here’s what happened when he did (skip to four minutes in):

Khan finds himself now back to what he knows best, training and hopefully getting ready for a fight in the professional boxing ring soon.

No opponent has been confirmed yet but recent rumours suggest a Khan vs Broner fight could be on the cards in the US.

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