Mayweather: Top Rank Has Never Been Able To Promote Other Fighters

Floyd Mayweather at the beginning of his career was promoted by Top Rank – but still feels he was not promoted correctly all these years on – now even in retirement.

Mayweather now owns his own promotional company also based in Las Vegas like Bob Arum’s Top Rank and seems to see things about the future of boxing a lot differently to the former.

Speaking to Floyd Mayweather spoke on what he thinks Top Rank should have done in the beginning of his pro career:

“Top Rank has never been able to promote fighters. Let me get this right, sorry, Top Rank has never been able to promote other fighters. Meaning, they only fighters they cater to is Spanish fighters. I told Top Rank, when I was fighting at first of course you gotta work your way from the bottom to the top, I’m not a ballroom fighter, okay.”

He added:

“Floyd Mayweather, I think that my first fight, even small fights on pay per view could have been against Diego Corrales or even Angel Manfredy. Small pay per view. Small pay per view.”

Mayweather’s last bout in the ring came against Conor McGregor last August and has now confirmed he is retired.