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Amir Khan and wife speak on national television about how the recent reality TV show that welterweight Khan was on changed their marriage afterwards.

2018 is here and Khan like of all us, will be looking at it as a fresh slate and an opportunity to get his boxing career back on track.

However not only his boxing career, but life was in tatters last year when he and his wife almost got divorced and he failed to box once during the year.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain today, Khan’s wife said he’s a changed man since he came back from the jungle:

“He is, yeah (laughs)”

To which Khan intervened:

I wanted to go in the jungle because I wanted people to see the real side of me. So much went on my life with going through the divorce, almost. I wanted people to see the real side of me and how much of a family man I am. That’s one of the reasons I went on there, even though I don’t like snakes, spiders.”

To which Khan’s wife concluded:

“He came back a changed man. He doesn’t like going out. He likes staying home.”

Khan is expected to fight for the first time in nearly two years when he returns possibly in April according to his latest thoughts.

One would expect a relatively straight forward opponent for his first fight back.

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