2018 could very well be the year we see the great Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao one last time in the boxing ring but in the meantime, he’s had a bit of a comeback, well, sort of fight already.

Pacquiao is widely adored in his native Philippines where he is beyond celebrity status at this stage. More of a national icon status from both a sporting, singing and political perspective.

They say when Pacquiao fights crime literally stops in the Philippines.

Well, on a less serious note, Pacquiao it would appear is also willing to go on some rather odd TV game shows for a bit of fun from time to time as this conveys.

While the following is not in English it is a rather fun watch it must be said:

What can you say about that?

On a more serious boxing note, Pacquiao is expected to fight at least once this year but it is unclear as of yet who it could be against, and if he will make boxing full-time for a training camp and put his political duties on hold temporarily while he trains.

The boxing great lost his WBO welterweight title last year to Australian Jeff Horn where he took on his political duties and boxing training in the run up to the fight at the same time.

He did this once before and got away with it, but if he’s to have one last swan song in the ring – you would imagine he’ll concentrate on boxing for six-eight weeks at least – solely on its own.