Fury has not boxed in well over two years and will bid to step back into the ring at a reasonably high level straight off the bat.

Who that opponent will be will be interesting – but Fury would like it to be Anthony Joshua straight away.

Despite the extended layoff.

This could be the usual social media bluster and bravado of course, as fighters would fight anyone.

One would imagine Fury’s new trainer will be pulling the reigns back a little, at least for his first fight back.

Fury himself however is bullish about his return and estimates it to be in April or May:

He must first get his old boxing license back from the British Boxing Board of Control, however.

It is thought that should be a relatively straight forward process now though as he has his UKAD issue out of the way.

The main questions will lay in how Fury reacts and looks for his first fight back and if he can get anywhere near back to what he was before the layoff, timing and conditioning-wise.

The former champion also posted this picture with friends earlier today – mentioning that he’s getting his “good looks back”:

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