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Home » McGregor Furiously Lashes Out At Showtime Boss In Mayweather PPV Dispute

McGregor Furiously Lashes Out At Showtime Boss In Mayweather PPV Dispute

A Mayweather PPV dispute has formed it would appear since the fight took place after Irishman Conor McGregor reacted in anger to the TV network head who broadcast the fight in the US. At least on McGregor’s part.

The numbers on the pay per view event were highlighted recently as officially just doing less than the current all time record of 4.6 million buys in the US.

That Mayweather vs Pacquiao did back in 2015.

However, it is important to note that this figure just represents the North American market, not the global total which is obviously the most important number, not just the American number.

As to get a true reflection of how an international combat sports event in today’s time particularly does, where the US is no longer the sole player in boxing (or in other combat sports anymore), you have to factor in everything around the world, as boxing is an international sport now.

This figure was widely pointed out as 6.7 million pay per view buys globally (everything including the US) by UFC president Dana White, who has since stated he is so sickened by Showtime – that he will never work with them again.

It would appear this is a mutual feeling from Conor McGregor who told Showtime boss Stephen Espinoza on Twitter:

McGregor ultimately lost the fight inside the distance to Mayweather. The American boxer has since retired from the sport.