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The war of words between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua continues. Mainly on Fury’s part it must be added – who appears hell-bent on getting underneath the champion’s skin.

Not long ago Anthony Joshua let slip in an interview with Sky that he thinks Fury is not all complete there and that in good way, well, he’s just a little bit nuts.

But aren’t we all, in our own little ways.

After all, as human beings by definition every single human on this Earth has a different biological make up.

Science aside, Fury knows that this same perception of him by Wladimir Klitschko going into their bout was exactly what in the end, got underneath Klitschko’s skin and allowed him to get into his head before the fight, which he ultimately won.

Fury is a shrewd, smart man. Make no mistake about that.

Behind his social media antics he knows what he’s doing. As all good salesman tend to do.

In his latest mental warfare game with his rival, he told him today on Twitter that:

“Don’t be fooled by this fraud @anthonyfjoshua trying to con the boxing fans, he struggled with a 41yo man in Wladimir after I schooled him! Then made hard work of takam who took fight on 11 days notice, I’m the real Don of the heavyweights if only he had the heart to fight me?”

He continued in his verbal assault by saying:

“@anthonyfjoshua To prove this fight is not about a few measly pounds for me I’ll do a winner take all! loser gets nothing but a Beting & that loser will be you!”

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